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A single dog can make a huge difference in the lives of many. “The Story of Rex of White Way: The Blizzard King” tells the story of a Samoyed breed dog who over the course of eleven years saved countless lives of many people as a sled dog throughout the frozen winter months and made a major difference through hard work and perseverance. “The Story of Rex of White Way” is a strong addition to pets and dog history collections.

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The Story of Rex of White Way is a touching must-read book for any animal-lover. It is impossible to read about Rex and not fall totally in love with this strong, gorgeous and courageous Samoyed. The Story of Rex beautifully walks the line between being a story of a man and his dog, a diary of dog-sledding and a history of the Samoyed dog breed in America. There are moments it reads like a historical detail of the breed but it isn’t tedious or boring. Read more at

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I am honored to feature this interesting and informative book about REX THE BLIZZARD KING. This book is packed with so much information that there is no way that a “review” would even begin to cover it all. I wrote to Jim and told him that I would introduce this book (and Rex) to all of you as a feature, and give you a snippet of what it is about. Read more at

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The story of Rex is an adventure-filled historic biography of a purebred Samoyed canine who excelled in mountain rescues during a time before snowmobiles and cell phones. Rex lived from 1946-1957 and spent most of his life in the Sierras of California. He was lead sled dog on a U.S. mail run, set a world record in weight pulling, won many speed and freight races and was involved in over 30 documented rescues during his lifetime. Read more at

Rex was featured on p. 18 in the May 2013 issue of Lacamas Magazine:

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Students in an Ohio classroom reading their Rex books.

Third Grade Class at Whitefield Academy in Kansas City, MO enjoying their Rex books

Third Grade Class at Whitefield Academy in Kansas City, MO enjoying their Rex books

The Story of Rex of White Way, The Blizzard King, The Book by Jim Cheskawich is now available in both soft and hard cover. Also available on Amazon Kindle.